Diet Like a Celebrity, Eat Fish!

Eating only fish used to be something that people did to ease their way into vegetarianism. Eating fish is now the hottest new way to achieve weight loss and overall fitness! This latest celebrity secret has come to the forefront in 2014, and you can take advantage of this green lifestyle, too!

Many celebrities have confirmed that their secret to getting a skinny figure is eating a pescetarian diet. oliviaHollywood starlet Olivia Wilde, proudly exudes confidence and beauty…much of which she owes to eating healthy foods like fish! If you Want to look like your favorite actress? Diet like a celebrity, eat fish! You may not think you have much in common with Hollywood stars, but taking on this lifestyle could be the secret confidence boost you need to be happy and healthy.

saladThe health benefits of going pescetarian are practically endless. These include weight loss and muscle building – both crucial to getting that hot celebrity body! Fish and shellfish also have tons of protein, which is a necessary nutrient for many vital functions in the body, including building muscle and regulating hormones. A vegetarian diet does not provide the body with nearly enough protein, which can only be obtained in high quantities through meat and fish. The amazing thing, however, is that by choosing fish instead of beef or pork, you can get the same amount of protein with far fewer calories and fat!

Land meats often contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. Overtime, these chemicals build up in our bodies and can increase the risk of certain diseases. By eating fish instead of land meats, you not only are eliminating these harmful chemicals from your system, but you are also decreasing the risk of these same diseases. This is because many types of fish are rich in omega-3 fats which help to lower triglycerides – a form of cholesterol. Too many triglycerides can often lead to extra body fat, especially in the belly region. If you want to be skinny, eat fish! Many studies show that omega-3’s can also decrease the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.

There are many variations of vegetarianism, and all of them contribute to improved human health and help to eliminate animal cruelty. Many vegans and vegetarians disapprove of pescetarians for consuming sea creatures, all the while taking fish oil capsules every day containing omega-3 acids for the health benefits. This oil only comes from fish, so we can correctly assume that eating fish is a healthy, natural diet!

By eating fish, you can also contribute to the movement for sustainable fishing. Make sure to do some research on which companies catch or farm seafood sustainably. You are not only getting better nutrition, but this ensures that you are eating green, too! This is an easy way to be an activist for the environment in 2014.

It is so easy to find recipes online that turn an unassuming serving of fish into a nutritious and appetizing meal! We sometimes forget that healthy does not have to mean flavorless. For tonight’s dinner, try baking some delicious tilapia filets! Add lemon juice, garlic, a touch of butter, and a sprinkle of pepper. Simple recipes like this one make for an easy meal that is not only delicious, but packs a punch of protein without all of the calories. Who knew the path to beauty and fitness was that easy?

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Diet Like a Celebrity, Eat Fish!
Eating fish is the hot new fitness trend in Hollywood; not all trends are worth following, but this is definitely one to consider if you want to look and feel fit, confident, and beautiful. Become a pescetarian today!