Nutrition Facts for Five Types of Fish

Doctors and nutritionists have been urging the general population to consume more fish in order to improve health and help maintain a healthy weight. Fish can be incorporated into almost any type of diet (except vegan diets, of course). However, with so many different fish available to choose from, selecting a type of fish for[continue reading…]

Fun Fishy Facts About the Smallest Fish and the Largest!

Aquatic science has identified 16,764 species of fish living on Earth. Scientists continue to discover new varieties of aquatic vertebrates each year. 41% of them live in freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams, while the rest live in saltwater oceans and seas. They range from the smallest, the Paedocypris progenetica, to the largest, the whale shark.[continue reading…]

Inside Responsible Fish Sourcing: How Fish Hatcheries Protect The Ecosystem

Fish is delicious, full of health benefits, and, most importantly, makes up a significant portion of global food resources. In fact, its consumption has increased steadily in recent years, as nutrition standards and the world population both rise. To keep up with increased demand, catching practices have reached a state which raises significant environmental concerns,[continue reading…]